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Our Services


Theme Creation and Concept

The theme or concept will be the basis of all decisions that you make for your wedding. A theme creates the atmosphere and the general design of your venue, your clothes, the food, and just about every detail of your wedding.

If you don’t have an idea about what you want, we will help you create a cohesive theme that matches you and your partner’s personalities. For example, you want to have a rustic theme but don’t know all the other details and styles that go with it. We will help you find all the essentials to create the perfect rustic wedding for you.

A mood board, containing pictures and colors of what you want your wedding day to look like may also be made so you get a clearer picture of your general concept.


Event Styling

Ceremony and Reception set design, table pieces, decor, lighting, and the overall aesthetics of the wedding.

Invitations, bouquets, wedding gifts, church design, and the visual backdrop of your wedding reception are all included in our styling services

Wedding Cakes


Cakes play a huge part in celebrations. For decades, this iconic and delectable dessert has been referred to as the centerpiece to parties and other joyous occasions. Being a traditional dessert to weddings, it is highly essential for couples to grab a cake that can easily capture the attention of their guests while fully defining the theme of their wedding and complementing their love story. 



We offer rentals from centerpieces, back drops, flower arrangements, vases, plates, silver wares, linens, overlays, table runner and much more.  We have packages to suite your needs.

We treat each project individually through a personal appreciation of every couple we work with – from personality, their unique story, their differing preferences, their fascinating quirks, that make them who they are. We give the same amount of attention to every element, be it small or big, from the freshness of every flower petal to the flavor of every cake layer. 

We listen. We co-imagine. We co-create. And we coordinate


What our customers are saying

Sarah, your cake making skills are amazing! Thank you for making this cake for our event.

Raquel G- Richmond, TX

The decorations on my wedding was amazing. Creative events ask me what I like and all I said was I like blue. Sarah designed the rest. The hotel where I chose my ceremony and reception came with a wedding planner but the planner kept quitting or getting replaced which gave me a headache, so Sarah stepped in as my liaison thru the wedding planner, so I can concentrate more on the other details of the wedding. Luckily she was available and the wedding planning started moving forward which was a huge thorn off my shoulder. She designed the arch for the ceremony and it looked tremendous. As I took a peek before the ceremony with nerves on, she did an awesome job. Looking back if I didn't have Creative Events, I don't think I could've done a better job even with the hotel's wedding planner. Creative events also arranged my centerpieces and the name card for each table for the reception. It made it more intimate. Sarah even designed my wedding invitation and it looks fabulous. I was very happy with all the details on it. It had seashells on it. I am very grateful and recommending Creative events to any events. 

Sheryl B.-Newark, CA

   I met Sarah through a mutual friend. I was looking for someone to make our wedding cake. While we were talking Sarah offered to do the decorating, appetizers, wedding cake AND be our day of coordinator all for a very reasonable price!

The wedding ended up looking amazing! Everything ran smoothly. However I only saw Sarah a total of 3 time that day as she was so busy doing everything else!

Looking back we should have stuck to one or two of her services that way she could've given all her attention to one or two things rather then having so much to do. All in all Sarah made our wedding really awesome, decorated the place beautifully, & made some delicious food!.

If you pick any one of her services I'm sure you will be extremely satisfied!

-Shireen R. Sugar Land, TX

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